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Strip Hair™ Gentle Grooming Kit for Horses

The StripHair™Gentle Grooming Kit is all you need to keep your horse looking great all throughout the year. The large StripHair™ is an all-purpose grooming tool that will effectively and gently remove loose hair, dirt, dust, dried mud and sweat. StripHair™ can also be used to massage tired muscles and bathe your horse.The mini StripHair™ tool works the same, yet is flexible and gentle on areas like the face and legs. Try Betty Approved StripHair™ - your horse will love you for it!

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  • StripHair™Gentle Groomers, large & mini - use for shedding, grooming, massaging and bathing (see videos on striphair facebook and
  • Betty's Best Healthy Skin™ 4oz spray - all-natural healing ingredients for a variety of skin issues
  • StripHair™ Grooming Cloth - use to clean the horse's face, wipe away dust on the coat, or to clean your StipHair tools 
  • Burlap Bag - a breathable tote and storage bag for StripHair grooming supplies