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JC's X-TIE UP® Equine Supplement Paste

Manufacturer: Finish Line

JC's X-TIE UP® - Anti Tie-Up product, muscle aid and pre-race boost!  JC's X-Tie Up® is also a fabulous aid to improve muscle function in those horses that don't tie-up. JC's X-TIE UP® helps your horse move smoothly with softer muscles and recover better. JC's X-TIE UP® helps the dressage horse to move with more cadence and softness through the body, the jumper to move and jump more effortlessly, and the racehorse to be more explosive and recover better.


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Trainers tell us that one tube of JC'S X-TIE UP® will eliminate tie-up for one month. Absolutely no side effects! Will help make your horse run smoother and looser, even horses prone to minor muscle stiffness will benefit! JC's X-TIE UP®  comes in a 30ml syringe which is divided into three 10 ml doses given on the first, second and fourth mornings before strenuous exercise. Administer orally to the back of the throat. All natural ingredients. Will not test.