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  • Pfizer Clovite Conditioner

    Manufacturer: Pfizer

    Clovite conditioner is a high potency vitamin and supplement rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Safe to use on a variety to animals. 

  • Redmond Rock Daily Gold

    Manufacturer: Redmond Natural Salt

    Daily Gold™ brand natural equine minerals is a unique makeup of bentonite healing clay and minerals that work together to encourage healthy digestion. By bringing your horse’s stomach pH levels to a healthy balance, Daily Gold can help pacify your horse and reduce conditions that lead to gastric ulcers.

  • Redmond Rock Salt Lick

    Manufacturer: Redmond Natural Salt

    The minerals in Redmond Rock can help restore and bring your horse back into his natural mineral balance. By including Redmond Rock as a free choice mineral supplement in their pasture or stall your horse will have access to the finest natural mineral source available, and in the form that the horse’s natural intelligence teaches him to seek. 

  • Grand Circuit White Lightning 30ml Gel

    The Gel version of the highly effective liquid White Lightning®. For the treatment of White Line Disease, Thrush, Scratches, Rain Rot and other skin fungus.

  • Espona The Groomage

    A flexible silicon massager equipped with wobbly knobs enables your hand to move and wrap gently around the contours of your horse.

  • Safe-Guard Equine Paste Wormer 25 Gram

    Manufacturer: Intervet

    Controls large and small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids and arthritis caused by fourth stage larvae of S. Vulgaris. For use in horses. Apple-cinnamon flavor makes it highly palatable to horses. Approved for concurrent use with an approved form of trichlorfon (boticide). One syringe will deworm a 550 lb. horse. Size is 25 Gram.

  • Formula 707 Daily Essentials™ Pellets

    Quite possibly the world's best daily equine vitamin and mineral supplement. Use for superior health and condition in horses of all ages. Containing every vitamin and mineral a horse is known to need, Formula 707 Daily Essentials is an ideal way to make sure your horse gets everything it needs to remain sound and healthy. Comes in palatable, oat-sized pellets for easy feeding without waste.

  • Pfizer Lixotinic®

    Manufacturer: Pfizer Animal Health

    Lixotinic is a vitamin and mineral supplement that is great for animals recovering from illness, stress or surgery. The easy-to-administer, palatable liquid contains iron, copper, B-complex vitamins and essential amino acids for full health and recovery.

  • Next Level® Equine Joint Pellets

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    All the active ingredients in Next Level Joint Fluid in palatable alfalfa-flavored pellets. Powerful flex combination of every source of GAGs available to help maintain healthy joints. Contains glucosamine, shark cartilage, perna mussel, Ester-C™ and MSM. Pellet formula preferred by more horse owners: less waste, less mess, won't freeze in cold temperatures. Available in 1.875 lb bucket.

  • Mare Magicequine Supplement

    Mare Magic by Mare Magic is a palatable, all-natural, herbal supplement containing raspberry leaves. It is recommended for mares with hard cycles, moody or cranky attitudes, or mares that just seem uncomfortable. Mare Magic tones the uterus and helps the reproductive tract. It makes mares more pleasant to work with and fun to own.

  • All Natural HealtyCoat®for Horses

    All Natural HealtyCoat® is the total supplemental nutritional package for your horses’ optimum healthy and ‘top performance’. HealthyCoat® is a highly digestible source of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and Lecithin, fortified with Niacin, Biotin and Vitamin B12.

  • Wahl Equine Clippers

    Manufacturer: Wahl Model: KM2

    Clipper, Ultimate Competition Series #10 detachable blade, #10 wide detachable blade, storage case, cleaning brush, blade oil and instructions.

  • Freedom Health Inc. Succeed Paste

    The First and only nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to support the health of the entire equine digestive tract. SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is designed to keep horses healthy from the inside out and it's easy to use.

  • Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Tea Tree Shampoo for Horses

    A gentle high lathering concentrated horse shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil. Provides deep cleaning for dirt, build-up, and oil. Assists in keeping hair soft while restoring natural luster to coat. Fortified with Nano MultiVitamins A, C, E & F, which are NanoEncapsulated in a sustained and controlled delivery system. This causes better absorption, penetration and diffusion of the vitamins, which helps prevent inflammation and aids in the healing process.

  • FLAIR Nasal Strips

     A FLAIR strip is a self-adhesive, drug-free, support that promotes optimum respiratory health of equine athletes. FLAIR strips support the nasal passages of the horse during exercise, improving the horse's airflow when it needs oxygen most. By reducing airway resistance resulting from physical exertion, the FLAIR Strips help promote peak performance and prevent injury to the lungs.

  • Probios® Equine Gel

    Worming and worming related stress can destroy pathogenic microorganisms as well as the beneficial bacteria that are normally found in an animals digestive tract. Probios products repopulate friendly bacterial flora; maintain normal appetite and provide a stabilized source of beneficial bacteria. Contains multiple strains of beneficial intestinal microflora in a paste form.

  • Mega Power Pak® Paste for Horses

    Manufacturer: Peak Performance Nutrients

    Herbal Pre-Event Power. Support for energy, endurance, breathing and blood oxygen levels. Mega Power Pak Paste will not test and can be used on event day.

  • DMG 28000™ for Horses

    Manufacturer: Peak Performance Nutrients

    The most concentrated DMG product available. DMG, or N, N-Dimethylglycine, is a nutrient common to many grains and meat. DMG has been found to support the immune system and oxygen transport to into the cells. DMG 28,000™ is pure DMG without dextrose or other sugars and fillers.

  • UltraShield® Red Insecticide & Repellent

    Manufacturer: Absorbine Horse Care Products

    Effective 24/7 pest protection. Delivers broad-spectrum control for killing biting and nuisance flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. Ideal for turn-out, training, and trail rides under normal conditions. Long-lasting repellency stays active for up to seven days. Contains a unique combination of five active ingredients. Helps give horses’ coats an oil-free shine.

  • UltraShield Green Natural Fly Repellent

    Manufacturer: Absorbine Horse Care Products

    A natural fly repellent that’s eco-safe for the entire family and the environment. For use on horses, ponies, foals, and dogs. Available in quart and gallon sizes.

  • Mega-Tek Rebuilder

    Manufacturer: EQyss Grooming Products

    A revolutionary formula and a technological breakthrough for strengthening manes, tails and hooves. 16 oz.

  • Avocado Mist Detangler Conditioner

    Manufacturer: EQyss Grooming Products

    A botanical oil-free, silicone-free, leave on conditioning spray that maintains the moisture balance within the hair shaft. Prevents the mane and tail from becoming dry, brittle and breaking off.

  • SBS Crack Filler Kit

    SBS Crack Filler Kit has excellent adhesive qualities. It is impervious to water, urine and other contaminants. When cured, SBS Crack Filler becomes part of the hoof wall so that it can be rasped and trimmed like a natural horn.

  • Redmond Rock Equine Mineral Suppliment

    Redmond Rock plays an important role in providing these essential trace minerals missing from many types of forage. Among the benefits commonly reported are: increased energy, greater endurance, healthier hooves, shinier coats, better hydration, and improved overall vitality. Horses thrive on the minerals Redmond Rock provides. In many cases, when given the rock for the first time, mineral deficient horses won’t leave it alone!

  • Equilite Sore No-More Sports Salve

    The successful liniment base is mixed with a creamy Tamanu Butter & Aloe Vera blend to give you a soothing cooling Arnica cream. Apply to areas of edema, swelling, heat, inflammation or friction burns and scrapes. Helps hydrate skin and hooves and encourages hair growth.