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  • Cutter® Backyard™ Bug Control Spray Concentrate Ready-to-Spray

    Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands

    To enjoy your backyard this summer, create a bite-free zone with Cutter® brand. Kills mosquitoes and other annoying insects. Controls up to 12 weeks. 32 fl oz treats up to 5,000 sq ft. Easy — just connect to your hose, and spray!

  • 46” White Aluminum Marker and Address Post

    Model: 2668

    HD-weather resistant, powder coated aluminum post with protective caps. 3M high intensity prismatic red reflector tape for high visibility on both sides. 31 characters, including N-S-E-W and A & B for duplexes. Label details exact quantity of each number. Mat black numbers on a white vinyl finish blend in perfectly with the address post. Easy peel and stick application. UV protected.

  • Pumpkins

    Seasonal Pumpkins from Bultema Farms & Greenhouse

  • Fall Mums

    Many different varieties available from Bultema Greenhouse.

  • Redmond Real Salt

    Real Salt is real, authentic salt. Unrefined, full of flavor and naturally-occurring minerals, Real Salt is salt exactly as nature made it.

  • Redmond Clay™ Stomach Health Healing Clay

    Use Redmond Clay™ Stomach Health to help support healthy digestion.  For many years, people have taken Redmond Clay™ when they have had occasional diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, stomachache, acid indigestion, acid reflux, and other severe digestive problems.  Packed in 100% vegetable-based capsules.

  • Zero Odor Pet

    Of course you love your pets. But sometimes it's hard to like them when they cheerfully deposit foul odors in your carpets, furniture, drapes, dog beds, closets and cars. Zero Odor Pet is a breakthrough in odor control. It eliminates pet odors completely and permanently while leaving no scent of its own.

  • GLOstik™ Flying Insect Trap

    This uniquely designed device attracts insects with an energy efficient, LED bulb and silently traps them on the adhesive coated tube. 

  • Liquid Net Ultimate Insect Repellent

    Manufacturer: Liquid Fence Company

    100% DEET Free, All Natural Insect Repellent
    Liquid Net® The Ultimate Insect Repellent is completely DEET free and is made from all natural, pleasant smelling ingredients like lemon grass, cedarwood, and citronella oils. These long lasting essential oils can be applied to everyone in your family, including children. Liquid Net The Ultimate Insect Repellent comes in convenient towelettes, and pump-sprays that fit in pockets, purses and backpacks. 

  • Grandma's Pure & Natural Lye Soap

    Just pure soap! No detergents, dyes or fragrance to irritate skin.
    Skin feels soft and "squeaky clean" with no detergent residue.

    Only Three Simple Ingredients: Food Grade Lard, Lye & Water.

  • Farm Innovators Thermo Cube

    Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

    Thermo Cube is a unique and patented electrical device. They plug into a standard 15 amp electrical outlet which turns the power on automatically according to outside air temperature.