Omega Fields® Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch Treats


Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch are tasty and nutritious Omega-3 heart-shaped apple flavored treat supplement for horses in all life stages.  Made from stabilized ground flaxseed and natural ingredients that taste great – a worthy treat for your horse!

63% LESS SUGAR & STARCH than original Omega Nibblers®

Low in Non Structural Carbohydrates – Sugar 6.7% and Starch 7.4% Feed Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch as desired for training, trail riding or as a nutritious anytime treat.

Feed 15 Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar Starch treats per day as a tasty alternative to 1/2 cup Omega Horseshine® for a 1,200 pound horse.

Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch are a great tasting and functional treat containing the best ratios of the full spectrum of natural Omega EFAs – higher in 3 & 9, lower in 6.

Better than the competition:

You can have confidence in the Premium, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, 99.9% Pure, Stabilized, Ground, Fortified Flax we use in our Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar & Starch formula. Proprietary stabilization technology provides a stable, ground, fortified flaxseed composition as a rich source of Omega-3 in the diet.

Proprietary stabilization technology includes the inclusion of B-6 and Zinc when the seeds are going through the grinding process. Flax seed contains a natural B-6 antagonist, so B-6 needs to be added to ground flax. B-6 and Zinc not only enhance the stabilization of the essential fatty acids, but also fortify the ground flax seed with the nutrients used by the body when flax seed is being metabolized


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