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Tecomate Wildlife Monster Mix Deer Plot Seed

Manufacturer: Tecomate Wildlife

This blend can take the heaviest grazing pressure, and as a perennial, it will keep producing for years. And, turkeys love it! Monster Mix grows and attracts monster bucks like nothing else! You can build your management program around this stuff! Packed with world-class legumes plus loads of the forage sensation chicory, Monster Mix comes as close to being the perfect year-round food plot mix as anything on the market.

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Monster Mix stands alone in its ability to provide critical protein and other essential nutrition from late winter/spring, when deer first begin rebuilding body tissue lost to rut and winter and when new antler development begins, right on through the summer antler-growing/fawning time. And, deer absolutely love Monster Mix, making it unbeatable for fall hunting plots. In the South, Monster Mix grows best during the cooler months from fall through early summer. In cooler northern climates, best production is during the warm-season from spring through late fall. Excellent for blending with other seeds for custom forages. 100 Monster Mix works best in moist, fertile soils regionally blended for your area.